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Returns Policy
If it is found that a website that has been developed by Ape Web Designs is not able to fulfill it's purpose as set out in the initial proposal, we will refund the full payment of this project. To qualify for this refund a client has to have the website evaluated and tested by a third party, at it's own expense. An evaluation certificate has to be supplied to prove this. We have to be informed in writing, or email of this "Refund Request". We will gladly refund the full amount within 7 days of receiving this notice.

The client has the option on moving the work already done to a new "Web Development" company to correct and complete the work done. If this option is chosen then the client will forfeit the 33% deposit already paid, or 33% of the full amount, If the full amount has already been paid.

This claim can not be instituted later than 30 days after accepting the completed website.

This only applies to the purpose of the site. Example, if an E-Commerce site does not feature a user-friendly and effective Shopping Cart System, or an "Online Reservation" website can not accept online bookings and payments. This does not apply to the look and feel of a site. We use "Professionally" designed Templates combined with an award winning CMS ( Content Management System), meaning that we can change and upgrade the look and feel, to suit our client's corporate image and profile.

Payment Policy
At Ape Web Designs, we deliver consumer satisfaction, and to build this relationship more strapping we have created a payment policy under which all projects at Ape Web Designs. require a 33% deposit prior to project initiation, a 33% payment upon first approval, and the remaining 34% due upon project completion. Until the work is paid in full, Ape Web Designs will keep hold of all rights to both digital and non-digital material created for the project. Full payment is due upon completion and can be made by cash, or any major credit card. All prices will be given in South African Rand currency; for customers outside of South Africa, prices will be converted to the requested currency as calculated by Google currencies. The consumer is liable for any outstanding balance and Ape Web Designs reserves the right to pursue legal action if payment is not received within a reasonable amount of time.

Development Policy
Ape Web Designs reserves the right to decline any project believed to promote racism, pornography, or any other content objectionable in nature. Ape Web Designs reserves the right to include the following phrase, or one very similar to, on all Web sites we develop: "Website designed & Developed by Ape Web Designs". This phrase will only be placed at the bottom of the page and will in no way effect the look or style of any page or site. We further reserve the right to include any Web site created and developed by us in our portfolio.

Any quotation of service will be valid for 30 days from the date issued. Any features or services not included in the original quote will be subject to extra charges.

Limitation of Liability
Ape Web Designs will not be held liable for any indirect, special, or consequential damages or any loss of profits or revenue which may arise in connection with any of the projects we develop. We reserve the right to stop or delay any project for any reason without liability. Ape Web Designs will notify the client of any changes in the project development status and make appropriate arrangements without any delay. If the project is stopped as a result of actions taken by Ape Web Designs, a refund will be given to the client minus any billable hours. Ape Web Designs will not be held responsible for any issues, damage, email problems, Web site hacks or attempts, or downtime which results from the use of an outside hosting company, internet service provider, domain name registrar, or any other outside agency. Outside services are considered independent to those offered by Ape Web Designs.

Project Contents
Any digital or non-digital materials supplied to Ape Web Designs by the client for the purpose of project development must be either owned by the client or the client must have been given copyright permission for publication. Ape Web Designs will not be held responsible for any copyright infringements found on these materials. Any materials supplied to Ape Web Designs will not be shared with any other party. All original files (PSD, FLA, etc.) remain the property of the creator and will not be shared.

Web Site Content
The client is responsible for providing all textual content to be used on any given Web page. If requested, Ape Web Designs can supply the textual content for an additional charge based on the amount of content required. All textual content supplied by the consumer WILL NOT be checked for spelling or grammar errors. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure no such errors exist and Ape Web Designs will not be held responsible for such errors. If requested, Ape Web Designs will offer a proofreading/rewriting service for an additional charge.

Cancellation of Project Development
If the consumer wants to cancel any project, the request should be given in writing to Ape Web Designs with an authorized signature. If for any reason, project is cancelled before completion, Ape Web Designs will send an invoice of 50% of the original agreed upon amount.

Suspension in Project Development
If for any reason, consumer wants to suspend project development, a request must be made in writing to Ape Web Designs with an authorized signature. No delay can exceed a 30 day period. Any project delay lasting longer than 30 days will be considered cancel by Ape Web Designs unless the request to restart the project is given in writing between the involved parties before the end of the 30 days. If this happens, Ape Web Designs will send an invoice to consumer of 50% of the original agreed upon amount. Ape Web Designs reserves the right to change or update this policy, our services, or our prices without liability. If you have any questions regarding our Web design policy, please contact Ape Web Designs by phone at +27 76 180 9799, or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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